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About GDP

Who Is GDP

We deliver stronger operational results in every aspect of upstream operations.

We are subject matter experts with a proven track record in site planning and execution to generate faster, safer, and more successful operational results.

Through our high-performance team of experienced engineers and operators, we anticipate and prevent operational complexities on your worksites.

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Where We Work


GDP services provide a better experience to our customers, because we optimize drilling performance and mitigate risk at every step. If you need to augment your team with qualified, experienced people or need services you don’t have in house, we are ready to help.

Technical Company Men

A Technical Company Man combines the roles of a drilling support engineer and traditional oilfield company man. They are technical, degreed, well-written, and tech savvy with the onsite experience you need to keep the train on the tracks.

Our Team

John Hopkins

Managing Partner & Founder

John Hopkins is the founder and managing partner of GDP, with more than 14 years of experience in the oil and gas industry. As a subject matter expert, he and his team have helped hundreds of companies unlock the potential in challenging operations.

Wayman Mizell

Vice President of Operations

With over 10 years as a Drilling Consultant specializing in unconventional shale drilling and wellbore construction, Wayman has a proven track record of driving operational efficiency and safety across diverse formations. As Vice President of Operations, he will leverage his expertise to oversee field operations, personnel management, and sales initiatives, ensuring the company's continued growth and success.

Wayman Mizell Vice President of Operations

Cody Martin

Cody Martin

Senior Partner

Cody Martin is a senior partner with GDP, responsible for overseeing completions and drilling operations for their clients. Cody’s ten years of experience make him an expert in site planning and engineering, cementing, and completions.

Chelce Rouse

Chelce Rouse

Recruiting & Personnel Manager

Chelce Rouse is the Recruiting & Personnel Manager at GDP. She oversees recruitment and retention for contract personnel. She is also an expert at acquiring the oil and gas knowledge necessary to best suit ever-changing customer needs.

Billy Jackson

Billy Jackson

Business Development, Sales & Marketing

Billy Jackson is an experienced business development professional, with more than 12 years of oil and gas experience. In addition to his experience in project management and downhole services, Billy also oversees sales and marketing efforts for GDP.

Billy Jackson GDP Business Development

Evgeny Dolgushin

Evgeny Dolgushin GDP Drilling Engineer

Evgeny Dolgushin

Engineer & Special Projects

Evgeny Dolgushin is one of GDP’s drilling engineers with more than 20 years of experience. As an onsite support engineer, Evgeny oversees program creation, engineering design analysis, well-site best practices, and more.

Marilyn Blevins

Marilyn Blevins

Administrative Assistant

Marilyn Blevins is the Administrative Assistant for GDP, working out of Tulsa. Her 40 years of oil and gas experience, attention to detail, and positive attitude make her essential to everyday operations.

Marilyn Blevins GDP Administrative Assistant

David Odungide

David Odungide GDP Drilling CCUS Engineer

David Odungide

Engineer & CCUS Domain Champion

David Odungide is a GDP engineer with more than 25 years of experience providing technical, project management and onsite support to challenging drilling, completions and production projects. David oversees the Carbon Capture, Utilization and Storage (CCUS) program from conceptual design, permitting through execution, including value creation optimization.

Operators Start Here

Better Input Equals Better Output

We can’t create success for you without having the best on board, so we ensure all of our employees and contractors meet those standards

  • Deep, verifiable experience in their subject area
  • Multiple successful projects in a wide variety of drillings scenarios
  • Demonstrated ability to work with many clients and within client frameworks
  • No excuses attitude that drives better outcomes for everyone
Consultants Start Here

Do What You Love Most

What sets GDP apart from other firms?

  • More work, in more places
  • Less hassle, for more money
  • Better rates, with better benefits
  • Better coverage, with better protection